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Name: Jamie Leigh
Alias: Lolita Minako, V-Babe, Gems
Birthdate: May 21, 1985
Birthplace: Cambridge, MA
Favorite Colors: Purple and Black
Livejournal: C'est La Vie!! <3
Occupation: College student
First Con: Megacon 2002
First Cosplay: Sailor Venus
Likes: Corgis, Sailor Venus, EGLs, her boyfriend, Mickey Mouse, Jiminy Cricket, Mew of Pokémon, Josh Groban, Meg of Disney's Hercules, Malice Mizer, musical theory, anime, jrock, jpop, VOLKS dolfies, Luts DELFs
Dislikes: Spiders, hornets, annoying people, thunderstorms, heights
Hobbies: Reading, art, performing, cosplay, sewing, watching American Idol
Other Info: You can also find me on my Lab account, my C-Com account, and my ACP account. And if you want to chat, you can contact me at love_soldier_minako on Yahoo! Messenger.
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Name: Julie Ann
Alias: Neko~Kaolla, Neko-Chan, Jewels
Birthdate: May 21, 1985
Birthplace: Cambridge, MA
Favorite Colors: Red and Pink
Livejournal: The Sacred Writings of Duo Maxwell's Little Neko
Greatest Journal: Cosplaying Cat Girl At Large!
Occupation: College undergrad, grad school secretary, Anime Pavilion employee
First Con: Megacon 2002
First Cosplay: Sailor Neptune
Likes: Her boyfriend, nice people, Duo Maxwell, cats, red, Rikku of Final Fantasy X and FFX-2, Hello Kitty, anime, jrock, jpop, Van Helsing, horror movies, VOLKS dolfies, Cajin food, strawberries, Luts DELFs
Dislikes: Loud chewing, cracking knuckles, snobby people, bees, small spaces, cockroaches
Hobbies: Cosplay, sewing, con-going, art, performing, helping people, making people happy
Other Info: If you want to contact me, IM me on AIM (MistressMyao or NekoNyaSuu) or on YM (neko_kaolla). Or if you are a cosplayer looking for a CG of your costume, you can order one at My CG Website! You can also find me at my Cosplay Lab account, ACP account, and account. If you are interested in viewing my art, you can do so at my DA Gallery.
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