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Welcome to Cosmic Gemini Cosplay! This is a cosplay site dedicated to Jamie and Julie, twin cosplayers at large!
Feel free to explore the site using the list on the left of the page and enjoy your stay here!


*What is Cosplay?*

"Cosplay," short for "costume play," is a form of art that consists of making costumes of favorite charcters of anime, SciFi, Fantasy, video games, and other genres and the appropriate props. Portraying the character to the best of the cosplayer's ability is a must, especially for pictures (Just don't loose who you are within the character!).

Here at Cosmic Gemini Cosplay, we take great pride of our craft. We are happy to share our creations with you, and hope to maybe inspire you to try it as well.

Happy Cosplaying!


I will not be updating this site any longer. Please visit our new site for now on. Thanks!

Added two new costumes for Jamie (Christmas May and an original Christmas EGA) and added pictures of Julie's completed Tetra costume. That is still under "In Progress" because the ears, makeup, and hair aren't in the pictures. New links also posted on the Links page.

I have been a bad webmaster... =u.u= I updated some of the cons on the schedule and stuff, and added another cosplayer website. 2005 looks like a busy year! I also added links to list of all our planned costumes in case I don't get a chance to update that here.

Changed a few things on the Con Schedule page. Dates are now listed on all cons and there is a new calendar. I also added a ticker to count down to the next event!

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